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„Our insurance solutions offer you full protection with a combination of individual financing and a suitable insurance product.“

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The purchase of a truck or bus is a big investment which only pays off if your vehicle is on the road and working for you. Unforeseen damage caused by yourself or others often negates economic calculations. To ensure optimum provision, MAN Financial Services offers full protection with MAN TruckProtect, which provides a combination of individual financing and a suitable insurance product. This will guarantee that you reach your destination safely. Simply get in touch – we will be happy to help you!

MAN TruckProtect

Full coverage in the event of damage.

PremiumCover insurance

In line with your financing, MAN Financial Services offers you insurance solutions that are suited to your industry and your specific requirements.

The scope of MAN TruckProtect* extends well beyond the coverage offered by standard fully comprehensive insurance policies. Plus, you also have the option to add third-party insurance** to MAN TruckProtect as an extra component. An incredibly straightforward solution.

Our partner, Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst GmbH, provides a professional and reliable service based on many years of experience within the Austrian market.

Regardless of where you are or when you need us – we will get you back on the road in no time.

Vehicles eligible to be insured:

  • New MAN trucks weighing 7.5 t and over
  • Trailers and semitrailers
  • Accessories and parts
  • Bodies and superstructures

* MAN TruckProtect is a machinery insurance policy offered by Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst Austria. ** The risk bearer is AXA Versicherung AG.

Scope of services

An overview of our services*.

PremiumGAP insurance

MAN TruckProtect from MAN Financial Services provides you with cover that is tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business and that extends well beyond the scope of standard fully comprehensive insurance policies. The excess in the event of liability for damage to property is EUR 2,500, EUR 1,000 or EUR 500.

Covered by a standard fully comprehensive insurance policy:

  • Self-inflicted accidents
  • Unlawful taking of a vehicle, theft and robbery
  • Fire, lightning and explosions
  • Vandalism and malicious behaviour
  • Floods and earthquakes


Covered by MAN TruckProtect as extra:

  • Brake damage, breakages and damage caused by distortion
  • Internal operational loss within the first two years of operation after first registration
  • Failure of measurement, control and safety equipment
  • Operational errors, ineptitude, intentional damage caused by third parties
  • Damage to property caused by a lack of water, oil or lubricant
  • Damage to property caused by a short circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage
  • Ferry transport
  • Damage caused by internal disturbances
  • Work underground
  • GAP insurance for vehicles financed by MAN Financial Services

= MAN TruckProtect

With MAN TruckProtect you will be fully covered across Europe, including in the Asian part of Russia and Turkey – all for a very reasonable price.

* The general terms and conditions of machinery insurance and hull insurance of mobile and transportable equipment (ABMG 2008), the specified provisions and additional special written agreements apply.



Your personal contact partner

Whether you are looking for a quote for leasing, instalment purchase or insurance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your contact at MAN Financial Services:

+43 6225 28286-0
+43 6225 28286-90 [Fax]

Insurance contact

Claims hotline

If you need to make a claim or if you have any questions about a claim you have already made,simply give us a call on our claims hotline based at Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst in Vienna:

+43 1 534 00-46600

Our loss experts will settle the claims for you quickly and without complications. And we will do everything to get you on the move again as quickly as possible.


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*The subsidiaries of Volkswagen Financial Services AG render financial services under the joint sign ”MAN Financial Services” in the area of leasing and hire purchase. Insurance services are provided/rendered by AXA Versicherung AG and Uniqa Österreich Versicherungen AG as well as mobility services by LogPay Transport Services GmbH and MAN Truck & Bus Österreich GmbH.