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Instalment purchase

Buy, but remain financially flexible.

Lease purchase

Our instalment purchase option allows you to buy the latest MAN technology and nevertheless remain financially flexible. Our offers are tailored to your individual requirements and you are free to decide how long you wish the arrangement to last. We take your financial options into account and provide you with a reliable basis for calculation with a rate that suits you best. By activating the product to be financed in the balance sheet, you can take direct advantage of any depreciation and access investment allowances.

The advantages:

  • Improved liquidity
  • Keep your existing credit limits
  • Flexible terms, depending on your requirements
  • Take advantage of depreciation and any possible subsidies
  • When the term ends, the product belongs to you
  • Creation of hidden reserves

For top products:

  • New MAN trucks, incl. superstructures
  • New MAN and Neoplan buses
  • MAN and Neoplan used vehicles
  • New and used semitrailers and trailers

Instalment purchase is consistent with instalment credit in terms of accounting and settlement. For the instalment purchase agreement, fixed acquisition of ownership is arranged when the contract is signed by the instalment purchaser. The instalment purchaser pays back the financing price in full and acquires legal ownership of the asset being financed on payment of the last instalment. Economic ownership of the asset passes to the instalment purchaser on commencement of the contract. The hire purchaser thus capitalises this on his balance sheet. Important: The instalment purchase is treated as a purchase agreement under tax law. Value-added tax must thus be paid on the entire instalment purchase payment due (sum of all instalment purchase instalments and other payments) on commencement of the contract.

The respective general terms and conditions form the contractual basis


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*The subsidiaries of Volkswagen Financial Services AG render financial services under the joint sign ”MAN Financial Services” in the area of leasing and hire purchase. Insurance services are provided/rendered by AXA Versicherung AG and Uniqa Österreich Versicherungen AG as well as mobility services by LogPay Transport Services GmbH and MAN Truck & Bus Österreich GmbH.