The MAN Card

A card for all challenges.

In day-to-day business, it's all about speed. The MAN Card addresses precisely this issue, ensuring your fleet is back on the road again as quickly as possible.

Fuel and service cards make your fleet even more efficient. Maximum productivity, international acceptance, and transparent and convenient billing are important requirements for these cards.

The MAN Card fulfils them all: It simplifies your daily vehicle use, helps you optimise your costs and makes your transport business even more efficient and economical. The MAN Card for your new and used trucks and buses is issued in conjunction with carmobility GmbH. As a Europe-wide fuel and service card, it provides complete solutions for the successful management of your fleet. Also for NEOPLAN buses in the matching NEOPLAN look. You can rely on the power of the MAN Card.

Your benefits

Small card. Large impact.

Advantages of the MAN Card

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Integrated fleet management from a single source
  • The MAN Card is available for your entire fleet, including your stock and third-party vehicles.
  • Cashless payment and 14-day settlement for filling up with fuel and additional services reduce the time and money you spend on administration.
  • Customised price benefits when filling up with fuel, additional services and wide network coverage
  • There are no fees for the MAN Card and it provides you with payment acceptance free of charge across Europe at all MAN service outlets and with MAN Mobile24 as well as with your MAN service partners.
  • Vehicle downtime can be kept to a minimum, guaranteeing your mobility around the clock.
  • Additional services are also available, including ferry services, toll charges, and tunnel and bridge fees.
  • Security guaranteed with your own PIN code
  • The MAN Card Mobility app as a digital station finder, route planner and navigator

Range of services

A range of services as strong as a lion.

Range of services with the MAN Card

We have joined forces with our partners LogPay, Shell, Aral/BP and Total/AS24 to offer you a suitable network of some 53,000 petrol stations across Europe*. This extensive network includes manned and unmanned stations boasting high-performance petrol pumps, guaranteeing you high levels of flexibility and speed. What's more, you can use your MAN Card to pay for vehicle-related goods and services at a large number of service outlets across Europe without needing to have any cash on you. This means you can avoid long journeys and waiting times, saving you time and money.

Plus, the cards are not restricted to MAN and NEOPLAN vehicles – you can drive better with third-party vehicles too once you have your very own MAN Card. You can then make sure the benefits are applied to your entire fleet. The card can be issued for specific vehicles, drivers or groups. giving you maximum flexibility and ensuring that the card is always within the driver's reach in the glove compartment when they need it.

An overview of the range of services:

  • Toll processing in 18 European countries via country-specific solutions developed by LogPay Transport Services GmbH – directly with MAN Card LogPay, or with interoperable on-board devices
  • Other services such as assistance with registering your vehicles with country-specific documents are of course available
  • More than 12,000 petrol stations where the card is accepted across 20 countries and there are plans to expand the network to more than 15,000 petrol stations by the end of 2019
  • Nationwide filling station network specialising in trucks, buses and commercial vehicles, commercial truck diesel filling stations, brand-name petrol stations, low-priced B-networks and supermarket stations
  • Navigation to highly recommended petrol stations on your route with the LogPay app
  • VAT reimbursement service
  • Mineral oil tax reimbursement service
  • Electronic data transmission for effective management of your fleet
  • Free payment acceptance at MAN service outlets and with Mobile24

TCO optimisation

TCO optimisation

Your concrete saving potential:

  • Attractive and individual tank conditions
  • Reduced time and costs due to payment acceptance and cashless processing at MAN service outlets
  • Cashless payment of other costs, e.g. tolls or tunnel charges

TCO benefits and saving potential with the MAN Card. Using the example of a TGL 12.250 BL with an annual mileage of 80,000 km.*

*TCO calculations may vary depending on the vehicle/fleet.

MAN Card Mobility app

In addition to the MAN Card, the MAN Card Mobility app provides buses and trucks with a digital station finder, which can be used to locate acceptance points for various types of fuel card. The app also features a route planning system specific to your truck and turn-by-turn navigation so you can reach your destination with ease.

The advantages of the MAN Card Mobility app:

  • Station finder: Search and filter by petrol stations, rental and service stations with a focus on MAN Card acceptance points. Price indicator for truck diesel as well as refuelling/toll information for Europe.
  • Route planning: Truck-specific map material for optimised route planning, including vehicle profile data such as weight, height, load type and up-to-date traffic news. Calculation of truck-specific toll costs.
  • Navigation: Turn-by-turn navigation, taking into account the remaining driving time. Dynamic traffic jam avoidance on request.

Download the MAN Card Mobility app for Android from the Google Play store and for iOS from the Apple App Store:

MAN Card, App Store

MAN Card, Google Play


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* The subsidiary companies of Volkswagen Financial Services AG and those of its sister company, Volkswagen Bank GmbH, provide various services under the collective name ‘MAN Financial Services’. This refers to banking services (provided by Volkswagen Bank GmbH), leasing services (provided by MAN Financial Services GmbH) and insurance services (provided by Volkswagen Versicherung AG). We also act as an intermediary for insurance products from other providers.