MAN Card
‘A card for all eventualities – our MAN Card will have your fleet back on the road in no time.’

The lion amongst cards.

MAN Card title image The efficient MAN Card

The MAN Card.

In day-to-day business, it's all about speed. The MAN Card addresses precisely this issue, ensuring your fleet is back on the road again as quickly as possible.

Fuel and service cards make your fleet even more efficient. Maximum productivity, international acceptance, and transparent and convenient billing are important requirements for these cards.

The MAN Card fulfils them all. It simplifies your daily vehicle use, helps you optimise your costs and makes your transport business even more efficient and economical. The MAN Card for your new and used trucks and buses is issued in conjunction with the carmobility GmbH. As a Europe-wide fuel and service card, it provides complete solutions for the successful management of your fleet. Also for NEOPLAN buses in the matching NEOPLAN look. You can rely on the power of the MAN Card.

MAN Card online application process

MAN Card benefits

Small card. Large impact.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Complete fleet management from a single source
  • The MAN Card is available for your entire fleet, also for your stock and third-party vehicles.
  • Cashless payment and 14-day billing for refuelling and other services reduces your administration costs.
  • Individual price benefits when refuelling, other services and wide network coverage

  • The MAN Card has no fees and enables you to make payments free of charge at all MAN service outlets and MAN Mobile24, as well as at your MAN service partners.
  • This enables you to minimise your vehicle downtimes, and your mobility is ensured around the clock.
  • Other services, such as ferry services and toll, tunnel and bridge fees are also available.
  • Security via individual PIN code

MAN Card range of services

A range of services fit for a lion.

In cooperation with our partners Shell, Aral/BP and Total/AS24, we provide you with a total network of around 49,000 petrol stations across Europe*. This large network of manned and automated filling stations with high-performance pumps gives you the benefit of great flexibility and speed. The MAN Card also enables you to make cashless payments for vehicle-related goods and services at many service outlets across Europe. Eliminating long distances and waiting times saves you time and money.

And the cards are not only available for MAN or NEOPLAN vehicles. Other vehicles also travel better with the MAN Card, ensuring your entire fleet benefits from these advantages. The card can be issued specific to the vehicle, driver or group. This gives you great flexibility and the card is always where the driver needs it – close at hand in the glove compartment.

An overview of the range of services:

The card is free of charge

  • Use of the MAN Card is free of charge at all European MAN service outlets and for MAN Mobile24.
  • There are no up-front fees or basic monthly charges.
  • Standard market service charges** are billed for usage of other services such as refuelling and toll fees.

Risk protection

  • Protection via individual PIN code
  • Daily, weekly or monthly limit

Refuel and save

  • With the MAN Card you can refuel under individually negotiated conditions – tailored to your requirements.
  • You can access a comprehensive network of currently around 49,000 petrol stations* in Europe.
  • With the MAN Card Shell you have the option of refuelling at around 20,000 petrol stations in Shell's European network incl. different acceptances.
  • With the MAN card Aral/BP you have the option of refuelling at around 20,000 petrol stations in the European ROUTEX network.
  • With the MAN Card TOTAL you have the option of refuelling at more than 9100 TOTAL, AS24 and Cepsa petrol stations in 14 countries.

Usable across Europe

  • The MAN Card can be used throughout Europe at all MAN service outlets and for MAN Mobile24***.
  • Additionally, you can also make use of optional services at the European Aral/BP, Shell and TOTAL service outlets.

Payment accepted free at MAN service outlets and Mobile24.

  • The MAN Card ensures you can make cashless payments easily throughout Europe at MAN service outlets for all repairs and servicing.
  • Downtimes are minimised and your mobility is ensured around the clock.

Payments accepted for:

  • Vehicle-related services, e.g. repairs and servicing on trucks and buses provided with an MAN Card, as well as their trailers, semitrailers, bodies and attachments.
  • Vehicle-related materials or accessories.
  • Materials such as lubricants and AdBlue® during workshop visits.


Payments are not accepted by carmobility for goods and services outside the defined scope.

* Networks may overlap.
** As at 1 July 2015: 0.7% service fee levied on fuel sales (gross) in customer's home country. Service fees for other services may vary. Subject to change without notice.
*** Free use at all European MAN service outlets.

The MAN Card is issued by carmobility GmbH, Gifhorner Straße 57, 38112 Braunschweig, Germany. carmobility GmbH is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. The services are provided by: Aral Aktiengesellschaft, Wittener Straße 45, 44789 Bochum, Germany, euroShell Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Suhrenkamp 71–77, 22335 Hamburg, Germany and TOTAL Deutschland GmbH, Jean-Monnet-Str. 2, 10557 Berlin, Germany.

MAN Card TCO optimisation

Your specific savings potential:

  • The attractive individual refuelling conditions help you to save costs.
  • Payment acceptance and cashless payment in MAN service outlets save you time and money.
  • Other costs, such as toll or tunnel fees, can also be settled without using cash.

TCO services and potential savings from the MAN Card. Example for TGL 12.250 BL with an annual mileage of 80,000 km.*

*The TCO consideration may vary by vehicle/fleet.