Leasing possibilities
‘Leasing possibilities are the perfect way to access the latest MAN technology with maximum liquidity protection.’

Leasing at a high level.

Leasing title image Your leasing options

Your leasing options.

Leasing provides you with access to the latest MAN technology and is easy on your budget. You only pay for the period of actual usage, and not the full purchase price. Since we know our MAN products in every detail, our customers can expect low rates.

We can offer you different types of leasing:

  • Kilometre contract
  • Full-service leasing (for MAN trucks)
  • 6 out of 49

Make the most of our consultation service and decide for yourself which service best suits your needs.

Flexible leasing with payment pause

A partnership that pays off: MAN Financial Services.

Financial flexibility is always an advantage, especially when liquidity is required. Then it is always good to be able to reduce costs as and when required.

That's the special feature of MAN Financial Services 6 out of 49 – out of the 49 agreed instalments, you have the option of up to 6 zero instalments*. This means that the instalment payment can simply be suspended if required. Possible financial bottlenecks can thus be elegantly circumvented. And if you don't use the zero instalments either in full or in part, that's not a bad thing; you will have left nothing to chance and your contract will be paid off even before the end of its term.

*After a minimum of 6 months of the contract term, max. two zero instalments per 12 month period, no outstanding payments, notification required.

For example, for an MAN TGX 18.440

(4X2 BLS with 440 HP /324 kW engine, Euro 6 emission category)
Total purchase price: EUR 85,000.00
Lease term: 49 months
Annual mileage: 130,000 km
Total mileage: 530,833 km
Payment method: monthly
Special leasing payment: EUR 0.00
Monthly payments:

  • Months 1 to 43 = from as little as EUR 1,309.00
  • Months 44 to 49 = EUR 0.00

Leasing from the very first kilometre

Look after your budget. Starting from the very first kilometre.

Is your priority purely the use of your MAN commercial vehicle? Do you know the distance you travel each year and would like to simply return your vehicle at the end of the term without any liquidation risk?

If so, then kilometre leasing is the right choice for you. With this type of contract, an agreed mileage is taken into account when determining the leasing rate. Since we fully put our trust in MAN technology, you can benefit from low rates and costs per kilometre thanks to stable estimated residual values. This also comes to show at the end of the contract. Simply return the vehicle and MAN will bear the residual value risk.

If the agreed mileage is undercut or exceeded, a respective reimbursement or charge is made according to the conditions set out beforehand in the contract.


  • State-of-the-art MAN products
  • Favourable monthly usage rate
  • All instalments are tax-deductible
  • Clear payment conditions due to fixed monthly rates
  • Improved accounting ratios (protecting equity)

FullService leasing

The mobility package of MAN Financial Services Germany

With FullService leasing, you know that your MAN trucks will run smoothly and efficiently from the very first kilometre. You are only billed for your actual usage which is easy on your budget and there is no need to worry about repairs or servicing for your vehicle. You receive a mobility package consisting of advanced and efficient MAN technologies, a leasing contract with customised term and kilometres travelled as well as the MAN ComfortSuper Service contract**, all with a single contact partner.

*Only available for MAN trucks.
** including maintenance, legal measures, wear-and-tear repairs and Mobile24 services


  • Reduce contact points and save time
  • Price advantages due to sustained value
  • Reliable basis for calculation
  • No financial risk