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‘Our insurance solutions offer you comprehensive cover through a combination of individual financing and the right insurance product.’

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Your insurance solutions.

The purchase of a truck or bus is a big investment which only pays off if the vehicle is on the road and working. Unforeseen damage caused by yourself or others often invalidates economic calculations. To ensure optimum provision, MAN Financial Services offers comprehensive protection with MAN PremiumCover and MAN PremiumGAP, which provide a combination of individual financing and a suitable insurance product. This will guarantee that you reach your destination safely. Simply contact us.

MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance

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Optimal protection in the event of damage.

MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance is a new insurance product that perfectly complements your existing comprehensive insurance. Keep your MAN insured at a reasonable price – with any insurance company. MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance covers your excess up to EUR 1,000 in the event of damage.

MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance is straight-forward:

The prerequisite for obtaining an MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance policy is the existence of a comprehensive insurance cover² for an MAN truck (e.g. MAN PremiumCover). If you have a self-caused accident that is eligible for comprehensive cover and you have professional repairs carried out within the MAN service network with MAN Genuine Parts, MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance covers the excess up to EUR 1,000 per claim as soon as the comprehensive insurance company has compensated the damage.

Immediate cost cover

MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance is available immediately for MAN trucks registered in Germany, not including buses, rental vehicles, transporters, taxis and courier vehicles.

²For claims of EUR 3,000 and above.

Our services at a glance**:

  • Refund of up to EUR 1,000 of the excess from your comprehensive insurance for self-caused accidents on your own vehicle for which the insurer is liable to pay compensation.
  • Professional repair in MAN service network within Germany using MAN Genuine Parts.
  • Cover for up to two loss events per year. MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance pays out to you directly after your comprehensive insurance company has compensated the damage.

*MAN KaskoAirbag excess insurance is provided by Covéa Affinity, a brand of MMA IARD Assurances Mutuelles and MMA IARD Aktiengesellschaft. Head office: 14 Boulevard Marie et Alexandre Oyon – 72030 Le Mans cedex 9, France.

PremiumCover insurance

Top-of-the range comprehensive cover.

MAN PremiumCover provides you with special protection for your MAN vehicle and offers you security when it is most needed. Protect yourself from financial consequences with the special insurance offer for your MAN vehicle.

MAN PremiumCover provides traditional fully comprehensive as well as partially comprehensive insurance protection, including liability cover. In addition, it also includes additional cover modules which offer you a significant gain in financial security in the event of damage. The cover sums are EUR 100 million for injury to persons and damage to property and assets, with a maximum of EUR 12 million per injured person. Good insurance cover does not have to be expensive. The excess of EUR 1,000 for fully comprehensive as well as partially comprehensive insurance means that you can receive this protection at favourable conditions.

*The insurance cover is provided by several insurance companies. The insurance policy conditions of the relevant provider apply.

Scope of services:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance with low excess
  • Area of application: European Union
  • Protection against consequential damages
  • Cover for GAP risk** – without maximum indemnity
  • Brake damage, breakages and operating damages
  • Recovery and towing costs (up to EUR 5000 per loss event)
  • Additional values included up to a total reinstatement value of EUR 300,000 net for new vehicles
  • Ferry transport

**Cover for the gap between replacement cost and outstanding financing balance in the event of a write-off.

Insurable vehicles:

  • MAN vehicles (new and used vehicles)
  • Vehicles from other manufacturers and cars can be insured individually upon request if an MAN vehicle is insured.
  • Trailers and semitrailers only in conjunction with insurance of the respective tractor vehicle.

PremiumGAP insurance

Financial security in financing

Reliable claims service, cheap tariffs and high levels of customer satisfaction: this is what you can expect from MAN PremiumGAP. Accidents can happen all too easily. Made even worse when you ultimately also have to bear the financial burden in addition to all the other inconveniences.

MAN PremiumGAP represents the ideal supplement to comprehensive insurance. If your vehicle is written off or stolen, it will compensate you for the difference between the residual debt and/or the redemption value from the financing agreement and the cost of replacing the vehicle.

Scope of services:

  • Pro-rata assumption of advance payment
  • Assumption of excess from comprehensive insurance
  • minimum benefit, even if you do not have to pay any shortfall
  • Loyalty bonus

* Insured by Cardif Allgemeine Versicherung. The insurance terms and conditions of Cardif Allgemeine Versicherung, Friolzheimer Straße 6, 70499 Stuttgart, Germany, apply

Insurance contact

Are you interested in a quotation?

You can get a quotation directly from your MAN Truck & Bus sales advisor. Our insurance experts at MAN Financial Services will be happy to answer all your product-specific queries.

KaskoAirbag excess insurance:
Telephone: +49 (0)89 45 45 20 810

MAN PremiumCover:
Telephone: +49 (0)89 454520 565 / +49 (0)89 454520 566

Do you have questions about your existing contract?

Our insurance experts will be happy to answer all your questions under:
Telephone: +49 (0)89 454520 575

Would you like to report a claim or do you have questions about a reported claim?

If you need us, just give us a call on our claims hotline:
Telephone: +49 (0)1802 158000* / +49 (0)1802 158015*

Our loss experts will settle the claims for you quickly and without complications. And we will do everything to get you on the move again as quickly as possible.

MAN financial services recommends that repairs are carried out by the following companies: MAN service outlets (85 KB PDF)

*EUR 0.06 per call from a Deutsche Telekom AG landline, maximum of EUR 0.42 per minute from mobile networks. Prices from other landlines may vary.

MAN PremiumGAP:
Telephone: +49 (0)89 454520 507

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