Financing Concepts
‘Our individually tailored financing concepts allow us to take your financial capabilities into account and guarantee you complete flexibility and personal payment terms.’

MAN Financial Services

Financing title image Financing made easy

Financing made easy.

In the commercial vehicle sector, economy, reliability, quality, ground-breaking technology and customer focus form the basis for innovative transport solutions. Round off these benefits with a suitable financing solution. MAN Financial Services integrates a vehicle and financing solution in a coherent overall concept that you can trust and that creates noticeable added value for you. Come and experience our full range.

Financing hire purchase

You want to acquire the latest MAN technologies but also need some financial flexibility?

For the hire purchase agreement, fixed acquisition of ownership is agreed with you when the contract is signed. You repay the financing price in full during the contract term and acquire legal ownership of the vehicle when you pay the final instalment. Economic ownership of the item is yours right from the start of the contract, meaning you can capitalise the vehicle in your balance sheet and can apply depreciation options and make direct use of any investment grants.


  • Improved liquidity
  • Retention of existing credit lines at your bank
  • Ability to apply depreciation
  • When the term ends, the product belongs to you

Financing Credit Classic

The classic financing options.

It doesn't always have to be modern. MAN Financial Services can offer you all the advantages of classic credit financing with Credit Classic. With Credit Classic, you can virtually adapt your loan agreement yourself to suit your needs. Different terms and balloon instalments offer you the scope you need to find the right loan agreement for your individual requirements.


  • Terms from 12 to 72 months
  • Repayment in full or with agreed high final payment (balloon instalment)
  • Acquiring ownership
  • Independence and flexibility in the contract design
  • Ability to apply depreciation

*An offer from Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany

Financing 3-way financing

Full flexibility, right to the end of the contract.

With 3-way financing, you can benefit from full flexibility, right to the end of the contract. Based on Credit Classic and with all the advantages of classic credit financing, you have three options when the contract ends:

  • You acquire your vehicle with the agreed final instalment
  • You use follow-up financing for the final instalment
  • You return your vehicle to MAN

With terms from 12 to 72 months, you also have the flexibility you need.


  • All the benefits of credit
  • Full flexibility up to the end of the contract with three options:
    • You return the vehicle
    • You choose a financing option for the final instalment
    • You acquire the vehicle by paying the final instalment in full

*An offer from Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany