Financing solutions for MAN trucks and buses - locally and internationally.

Purchase property, month by month

Our financing solutions are tailored to your individual requirements and we even allow you to decide how long you wish the term to last. We take your situation into account and provide you with a reliable basis for calculation with a rate that suits you best. Once you have paid the final instalment, you will not only acquire state-of-the-art MAN technology, but also that special feeling from being an owner.

The classic financing option

MAN Financial Services can offer you all the advantages of classic loan financing with MAN Credit. MAN Credit lets you adapt your loan agreement to your individual needs. A range of terms and instalment plans give you the financial flexibility you need.

Your advantages:

  • Terms from 12 to 96 months
  • Repayment in full or agreed large final payment
  • Non-regular instalment plans (seasonal rates) possible
  • Option of unscheduled repayments

Purchase while still maintaining financial flexibility

Do you want to acquire the latest MAN technologies while still retaining financial flexibility? Then hire purchase could be for you. The term is tailored completely to your individual requirements. We take your financial situation into account and provide you with a reliable basis for calculation and a rate that suits you best. Capitalising the product to be financed on your balance sheet lets you take advantage of any depreciation and access investment allowances directly.

Your advantages:

  • Improved liquidity
  • Maintaining your existing credit limit
  • Flexible terms depending on your requirements
  • Take advantage of depreciation and any possible subsidies
  • The product belongs to you at the end of the term
  • Creation of hidden reserves

Full flexibility until the end of the contract

3-way financing guarantees full flexibility until the arranged end of the contract. Based on MAN Credit and all advantages of classic loan financing, at the end of the contract period you have the choice of either taking over your vehicle, subsequently financing the final instalment, or returning your vehicle to MAN.

Terms from 12 to 72 months also give you the flexibility you need.

Financing products differ from country to country. Visit your country website or contact your sales partner to obtain detailed information on the financing products available in your country.